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These days many men are self-conscious about the appearance and size of their penis. There have been very few alternatives to surgery that would help increase size, alter shape or enlarge the penis. A lot of men are embarrassed with the size and shape of their genital area and feel like they would benefit from enhancement.

The lack of discussion between males and their partners, due to embarrassment, adds to the mystery around the idea of penis enlargement.

At Dr Girth Clinic there is a treatment, which is non-surgical and helps with penis enlargement, this is achieved by using hyaluronic acid filler.

This immediately and reversibly increases  the girth  of your penis in both the erect and flaccid state (non-surgical penoplasty) and this treatment is carried out in around 30 minutes with you being able to go about your daily routines straight after.

At Dr Girth Clinic we use hyaluronic fillers injected into the penis in a precise technique to instantly change the appearance of your penis, i.e., thicken, fatten, straighten . There is also a lengthening effect in flaccid state which is due to the weight of the filler .However this is not true lengthening .

We have two clinics where you can have the treatment done, one in central London and the other in Essex.

We only use Hyaluronic Fillers in our Clinics. The reason for this is:

  • They have been used for facial aesthetics for a very long time, therefore they have been tried and tested.
  • They are non-permanent and fully reversible.
  • You can keep adding more filler until the desired size is achieved
  • They have a very good cumulative effect (the results last longer with subsequent treatments)


Non-Surgical Penis Enlargement

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