What to expect post treatment?

Immediately post procedure you will have a thicker penis, you may have bruising, but this will disappear around 3-4 days post procedure. It takes a couple of weeks for the dermal filler to stabilise, absorb water and look its best. It is advisable to massage the area and therefore you will achieve a thicker and smoother penis.

The penis can feel numb for a few days. It is advisable to wear supportive underwear for 1 week following the procedure, to stop the filler from heading down to the head of the penis.

It can take up to 2 weeks for most of the swelling to disappear. Residual swelling can last for 1 month if a large amount of filler is injected  Only after the swelling has gone down will you know how much size you have gained. The penis can be tender for 1 week after the procedure, depending on the type of filler used.

Please note that the filler is mouldable and sometimes the penis can change shape after wearing a condom or intercourse. You may need to massage it back into shape.

Please read our Treatment Risks section for more details


Reasons to thicken your penis

Increased girth allows you to give your partner heightened pleasure and orgasms. A thicker penis can also give you more self confidence

How long does the dermal filler last?

The life expectancy of the filler depends on the type of filler used. Normally after 12-18 months, depending on the patient, after treatment around half of the filler will remain with the remainder having been passed out of the body. In rare  circumstances, the body can metabolise filler at a quick rate, this means that the filler is absorbed in a few months. It is very hard to predict this, and it varies from patient to patient. Some of the lower cost fillers last 6-12 months, which could be a good starting point for a procedure that you have not had before, and you are not sure if you would be happy with the results.

Will it thicken my erection?

It will not affect your erection.  It just means you will have a thicker penis when you have an erection.

                     However your erections may last longer and ejaculation can be delayed especially if filler is injected into the head  (glans penis)

Will my partner feel it?

            Your partner will obviously notice the difference visually, but the filler will not feel different compared to your own flesh so from that point of view they will not know that it is a filler. However be aware that sometimes there can be indentations which will have to be massaged away.

What if I am not happy with my result?

If you are not happy with your results, the fillers are completely reversible and you do not need an operation for reversing the filler as it is just injections and your penis will return back to your normal size

How much dermal filler do I need?

THE MAXIMUM AMOUNT OF FILLER WE WOULD USE IN ONE SESSION IS 30ML DEPENDING ON THE SIZE OF YOUR PENIS. Ultimately, the girth limit will be determined by the doctor and discussed in your initial consultation. The longer your penis is the more filler you will need to achieve the girth you desire compared to someone with a shorter penis.

What dermal filler do you use to increase the size of the penis?

We only use hyaluronic acid fillers for this procedure.  We also offer fat transfer, but this is non reversible and therefore not recommended for patients who have not had the procedure done before by using the reversible filler first.

How long after the treatment can I resume with sexual activities/exercise?

 You must not have sex for 2 weeks. You must not go to the gym, do heavy lifting, or run for 1 week as this may move the filler.

What if any are the potential complications?

Infections – this may happen if you resume intercourse too early or due to no apparent reason. You will need to contact the Doctor straight away in order to assess this.  You may be given a course of antibiotics which will usually settle the infection.

Allergies – you may be allergic to the filler in which case the filler may have to be dissolved if conservative measures fail to help.

Irregularities – aftercare is very important you need to massage and mould the filler in order to avoid irregularities and possibly contact the Doctor and come back for a check-up.

False Expectations – we can only increase the girth up to 1” in diameter if you expect more than this, it is not the treatment for you.  You will require enough filler to achieve your goal if you go for a smaller amount of filler but expect a bigger increase in girth this will not match your expectations.

Numbness – this is usually a temporary problem, and it settles over time could be due to the swelling.

Swelling – this is a normal part of the treatment process and usually settles but may take longer with different patients.

Bruising -  we do not use sharp needles we use a blunt cannula for the introduction of the filler in order to minimise the bruising but even so bruising can happen which will settle over the time.

 Please read our Treatment Risks section

Does it hurt?

We use local anaesthetic to block the pain therefore most patients are fairly comfortable during the procedure. After the procedure it may feel slightly uncomfortable but simple paracetamol should be enough to relieve this.

Can it go wrong?

As with all cosmetic procedures there is a risk of complications, and these would be explained at your consultation. However, rest assured that the treatment is fully reversible.

How long does the Treatment take?

The treatment can take between 45 minutes to 1 hour.

What’s the name of the filler?

We use various brands of fillers which will be discussed at your consultation and the best option for you will be discussed. Rest assured that our fillers are not permanent and can be dissolved.